Where are you today? In 1942, during this week, the PC 552 battled a German U-boat for six and one-half hours in American waters.

This is the continuing story of the USS PC 552.

Ted Guzda and Bill Kesnick

The PC 552 was built and crewed in haste at the beginning of the dark days of the Battle of the Atlantic. It took on the rightfully feared German U-boats, was credited with sinking one, then escorted invasion craft to the U.K, and finally participated in the D-Day invasion of Normandy as a control vessel, one of the ships closest to the shore. It came under attack from small arms fire, air craft, and the hated German 88 artillery; it returned fire for fire. It continued to battle German war craft until the Germans surrendered May 1945, then recrossed the Atlantic for an overhaul prior to being sent to the Pacific to finish the job with the Japanese. Fortunately, the atom bomb intervened in the meantime.  In the end, it was ignobly scrapped as quickly as it was built, as the war was over and it was considered surplus.

This is presented against the backdrop of what was going on in the wider world the PC 552 faced. There were many events occurring in the world which were then on the lips of every American. Most are largely forgotten now, except by a few people now in their 90’s who have run their race, and are waiting to be called home. These were real people facing a real situation. People forget how scary those times were.

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