18 January 2017sam-raup-small

Companion book: “Normandy: a Father’s Ship and a Son’s Curiosity” coming out 2017 

This week in 1944, the U.S.S. PC 552 waited out a severe winter North Atlantic storm in the Azores. Sam Raup was there.  What did you do this week?

Sam Raup quit school to join the Navy on 25 March 1943 from Harrisburg, PA. He was immediately sent to Finger Lakes, NY for training. He was rushed from boot camp due to the urgent need for sailors. In a hurry, he had a last meal in the mess hall before embarking on a train for New York with the rest of his graduating class. When he went to retrieve his pea jacket from the hook, it was gone. He assumed someone had taken his by accident so he took another as they are all identical. It turned out there was a criminal ring stealing pea jackets. As Sam was found wearing a pea jacket not his, he was assumed to be part of the ring and thrown in the brig. The confusion was soon cleared up but he missed his train and his graduating class was assigned without him.

Accordingly, he arrived later by himself and was assigned to the PC 552. Where his class mates wound up being assigned and what happened to them, he never knew. It could be that the mishap with the pea jacket saved his life.

This week in 1944 we continue to leave the ship and its crew, including Sam Raup, in the Azores sheltering from a severe winter storm.

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