08 February 2017

German guard on Channel Islands

Companion book: “Normandy: A Father’s Ship and a Son’s Curiosity” coming out 2017 

 This week in 1945, the PC 552 foiled a night raid from a German schnellboot, which the Americans referred to as an E-boat. What did you do this week?

Until the very end, the Germans held the Channel Islands in the English Channel which afforded them the opportunity to create mischief behind the invasion forces. They began to run out of coal and so contemplated raiding the fabulously wealthy Americans at Granville, France. The evening of 06-07 February 1945 such an attempt was made.

The PC 552 quickly noticed the attempt and came to General Quarters and opened fire.  It gave chase for more than twenty miles, firing the whole time before the E-boat outran the ship. The only casualty sustained was Coxswain George Sullivan, who received a slight bruise on the left foot when struck by an ejected 3″ 50 cal. shell case.

To put this in perspective, another attempt was made in March, and this time the patrol craft present, the PC 564, was severely damaged and a significant number of its crew was killed or wounded.

This week in 1945, we leave the crew in harm’s way on a cold and wet night in the English Channel.

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