15 February 2017the-ship-is-launched-small-20170215

Companion book: “Normandy: a Father’s Ship and a Son’s Curiosity” coming out 2017 

 This week in 1942, the PC 552 was launched into the waters of New York. What did you do this week?

The PC 552 was built and launched from the Sullivan Drydock and Repair Company in Brooklyn, NY. There were several locations around the United States designated as places to manufacture patrol crafts. One such place was at the Sullivan Drydock and Repair Company.

The United States began to spit out patrol craft like watermelon seeds. The PC 552 was one of the first night launches made on the east coast. It was launched at night so that the keel of the next patrol craft could be immediately laid.

About 2,000 people attended the launch, about half of whom were the workers who built PC 552. Rear Admiral Adolphus Andrews, Commandant of the Third Naval District and Commander of the North Atlantic coastal frontier said, “Everything connected with this war must be on a 24-hour basis. These night launchings should be the most common occurrence in the world. Not a minute should be wasted in getting out the ships and planes and supplies of every sort that are needed on our many fighting fronts.”

The night was remembered as a bleakly cold night and clergymen attended to bless the vessel and this endeavor.

This week in 1942, we watch America’s amazing industrial power come to life for war.

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