Deck Log for 23 November 1942 in which a 6 1/2 hour battle with a German U-boat is described.

Companion book: “Normandy: a Father’s Ship and a Son’s Curiosity” coming out 2017 

This week in 1944 the PC 552 was engaged in routine convoy protection. What did you do this week?

One of the key documents used to understand the life of a ship is the Deck Log, what laymen often erroneously refer to as the “Ship’s Log”.

The Deck Log was written by the watch officer during his four hour shift. It was typically signed by the executive officer and often, the commanding officer. It was primarily concerned with direction and position, although items of importance were occasionally noted.

For some reason, the PC 552’s deck logs were hand written, until June 1944, the month of invasion. It is possible to see the actual handwriting of the various officers, as well as the salt water stains, coffee stains, tic marks, and scotch tape. This is a vivid reminder that these were real people with real feelings, no different than you or I.


This week in 1944, we leave the crew escorting routine convoys around England.


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