08 MarForgotten Deathsch 2017


Companion book: “Normandy: A Father’s Ship, a Son’s Curiosity” coming out 2017 


This week in 1944, two men were wounded, one mortally, during exercises on English beaches. What did you do this week?

Once in England, after a brief rest, the PC 552 participated in rigorous training in preparation for D-day. It was involved in numerous screening and landing exercises and the crew knew what was coming next.

Unfortunately, during one of these exercises on 11 March 1944, two men were seriously wounded, one mortally, by stray shrapnel:  Sgt. Poriotos (hit in the left arm) and PFC McGirts (hit in the back, later died). Both were of the 16th Infantry. These men were wounded on a far foreign cold and windy beach, far from family and were noted in the records of the PC 552. If we google them, we will find no mention of them now, other than from this book. They are now a part of distant history, dimly remembered. Please give a thought to them now.   

This week in 1944, we leave the crew contemplating what is coming next.

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