15 March 2017Nick and Pat Stine

Companion book: “Normandy: A Father’s Ship, a Son’s Curiosity” coming out 2017  

This week in 1943, the PC 552 was moored at Key West, Florida. What did you do this week?

Roland “Nick” Stine was one of the first sailors to board the USS PC 552 on 30 July 1942. He was trained as a radioman and as such, was a popular person. The radioman aboard a ship was assumed to be first in line to know everything so he was constantly approached about the latest scuttlebutt. He also occasionally manned the 20 mm gun and listened for submarines with the sonar.

Nick battled U-boats in the Atlantic, then crossed the Atlantic and wound up at the Battle of Normandy on D-day. He came home to marry Pat two years after D-day and went on to create a successful wildcat oil business. 

“Stine … says war was a “lousy” time and it’s “not something (he) wears well.”

This week in 1944, we leave the crew approaching D-day.

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