Many people feel they know Dr. Seuss because of his children’s books; they don’t. In his early years he was a rabid socialist and actively promoted that agenda. He wSeuss Smallas a political cartoonist.

As the atrocities became known in China from the Empire of Japan, Dr. Seuss began a series of cartoons hostile to the Japanese. Viewed from today’s lens, many have commented that his cartoons were racist. I think a better description would be anti-atrocity. The Empire of Japan was brutal and savaged China, which is why the United States was against them in the first place. Soldiers of the Empire engaged in contests in which they would see who could chop off the most heads or rape the most women. There are photos of them bayoneting babies.

Dr. Seuss was strongly in favor of helping the Allies in Europe against the Nazis and encouraged supplying them munitions. Whether he knew specifically about the PC 552 we don’t know, but we do know he strongly supported the cause.

This week in 1943, we leave the crew chuckling about Dr. Seuss.

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