05 April 2Crew_of_the_USS_PC-552017

Companion book: “Normandy: A Father’s Ship and a Son’s Curiosity” coming out April 2017 

This week in 1946, the PC 552 completed its final voyage as a navy ship. What did you do this week?

The PC 552 arrived in Charleston, South Carolina for final disposition. This was her final voyage as a navy vessel. Weapons were unloaded and command was transferred from Lt. James Spielman, who had been the commanding officer since January 1945 and who skippered the ship back home across the Atlantic. It is probably Lt. Spielman who wrote the “Ship’s History”. Command was transferred to Lt. (jg) Robert Gleason, whose job was to skipper the ship to its final place as a navy ship.

When the war started, no money was spared to pump out as many weapons and personnel as possible. With the war over, there was no need for these thousands of warships and they cost money every day just to keep. The zeal with which these ships were built was matched by the zeal with which they were disposed of.

This week in 1946, we leave the crew talking about going home.

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