12 April 2017

Companion book: “Normandy: A Father’s Ship, a Son’s Curiosity” coming out April 2017

On 12 April 1945, President RoosevRoosevelt Dies.JPGelt died. To most of America’s young fighting men, he had been president most of their lives. He was the only president during the entire war effort and he had guided them through most of the Great Depression. He was a symbol of strength and hope.

The PC 552 received a letter dated 13 April 1945 from the Navy Secretary directing the ship to fly its flag at half-mast. The ship also observed the death of the president by dropping two depth charges on known wreck at 1920 B ( the navy designates time zones by letter; “B” is the British time zone)  in position 49°45’40″N 01°44’00″W” which was dutifully noted in the deck log

This week in 1945, we leave the crew mourning the loss of their commander in chief.


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