17 April 2017The End of the PC 552

Companion book: “Normandy: A Father’s Ship, a Son’s Curiosity” coming out 2017 

This week in 1946, the PC 552 was decommissioned. What did you do this week?

18 April 1946 the PC 552 was moored for the last time as a US Navy vessel. It was formally decommissioned at 1705 by Lt. (jg) R.E. GLEASON, USNR, Commanding Officer, who placed the ship out of commission in accordance with Com 6 letter of 18 Apr 1946: Serial PC/A4-1/NB.

The PC 552 had been built and crewed in haste in July 1942 and was at the Battle of Normandy on D-day. It faced fire and shell and returned the same. It had other encounters after D-day. The war was now over and the ship served no purpose. It was turned over to the maritime commission December 1946 for disposal and no one knows its final fate to this day. It was probably ignobly cut up as scrap.

This week in 1946, we see the end of the PC 552 as a US Navy vessel.

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