12 July 2017

“Companion book: “Normandy: A Father’s Ship and a Son’s Curiosity”

During this week in 1945, the PC 552 docked at the Charleston, SC navy station to begin its complete overhaul before going to fight the Empire of Japan.  What did you do this week?

In 1942, the PC 552 was immediately launched into a vicious war with a relentless enemy and fought all the way to victory in Europe. It finally made it back home from that war and deserved a long rest. However, the ship and the crew prepared to do it all again against the Empire of Japan.

As far as most people knew, the war against Japan was going to very long and bloody. The saying going around was “the Golden Gate in ‘48” meaning the Americans would have finished with the war in the Pacific and on their way back home in 1948. Few people knew about the atomic bombs.

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