19 July 2017

“Companion book: “Normandy: A Father’s Ship and a Son’s Curiosity”

During this week in 1944, the PC 552 went into dry dock at Dartmouth for repairs after D-day. What did you do this week?

Dartmouth, England was a major navy base during World War II. The PC 552’s berth prior to D-day was mostly at Dartmouth. After D-day, its berth was at Cherbourg, France but Dartmouth was still the place to go for repairs. During the stay at Dartmouth this week, the ship’s gunnery officer went to the hospital for reasons not known and was replaced by another officer.

Dartmouth is home to the British naval academy and is steeped history. We can just imagine our fighting men taking in the sights while waiting for the repairs. The quote above is from Francis Drake which is packed with practical, passionate naval advice and who is important around Dartmouth.

Drake left a snare drum on his death bed and he bequeathed that it be taken back to England.  Whenever England was in danger, the drum was to be beaten and Drake would come to save the day again. The last time anyone has heard the drum beaten was at Dunkirk when British citizens from all walks of life sailed to evacuate the British Tommies from France. The Tommies came back with the PC 552.

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