26 July 2017

“Companion book: “Normandy: A Father’s Ship and a Son’s Curiosity”

During this week in 1944, the PC 552 returned to active duty at Cherbourg after repairs at Dartmouth. What did you do this week?

The Germans knew the Allies would need a major port in France from which to get supplies to invade Germany. Accordingly, they centered their defenses around major ports. The Allies overcame this by launching D-day on less occupied beaches, bringing portable “ports” called mulberries.

By June 29, 1944, American forces from Utah Beach, accompanied by British forces, had fought their way to Cherbourg and taken over the city. Thus, the Allies now had a major French port from which to launch their attack into the heartland of Germany.

20 days after Cherbourg’s fall, the PC 552 was based in Cherbourg, fully recuperated after D–day and ready for more. The Allies wasted no time.

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