16 August 2017

“Companion book: “Normandy: A Father’s Ship and a Son’s Curiosity”

During this week in 1942, the PC 552 went on its shakedown cruise. What did you do this week?

The Battle of the Bulge was Nazi Germany’s last ditch effort to stop the western Allies. In December of 1944, the Germans launched a surprise attack which quickly formed a bulge in the lines. The Allies eventually recovered in what was later called the Battle of the Bulge.

God loves an Infantry soldier! The story is told of the tank destroyer which was retreating and the commander asked PFC Vernon Haught where to go. PFC Haught asked if the tank destroyer was looking for a safe place to go at which the reply was an affirmative.

PFC Haught directed the tank to park right behind his fighting position because, as he said, “I’m the 82nd Airborne, and this is as far as the bastards are going.”

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