23 August 2017

“Companion book: “Normandy: A Father’s Ship and a Son’s Curiosity”

During this week in 1943, the PC 552 received “new guns and plenty of ammunition” at Tompkinsville, NY. What did you do this week?

John Churchill was known as “Mad Jack” for a good reason: people thought he was nuts. He was renowned in the British Army for being the only soldier allowed to carry a longbow and basket-hilted Scottish broadsword (no officer was properly dressed without a sword, in his opinion). He’s thought to have achieved the only longbow kill of the war, shooting down a German scout in France.

He led commando raids in Norway and Yugoslavia (while playing the bagpipes, of course), survived being shot in the neck, captured or killed dozens of enemy soldiers and wreaked havoc before being captured. Mad Jack escaped, was captured again, then when the lights at his prison camp went out, he walked out of the camp (which was still being guarded) and walked 90 miles to find an American unit. After VE-Day, he fought in Burma, and when the war ended, he became a surfer. Source: Rothschild, Mike, “27 Unsung WWII Heroes You May Not Know About”.

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