Companion book: “Normandy: A Father’s Ship and a Son’s Curiosity”

06 September 2017

This week in 1942, the ship was assigned to the Eastern Sea Frontier, which consisted of the coastal waters from Canada to Florida, extending out for a nominal distance of two hundred miles. What did you do this week?

The enemies the Allies faced were far worse than we remember. Japanese cruelty was much worse than Nazi cruelty, although both forms of cruelty defy human understanding. The Japanese were incredibly cruel to everyone under their control, but that was mostly Chinese so it has not made such an impact on western versions of World War II. Here we see Japanese engaging in a sport they loved: throwing babies in the air and catching them on their bayonets, then throwing them into pots of boiling water.  They did much worse than this and historians estimate the Japanese killed about 10 million people.

Allied personnel soon learned to never, never, never get captured by the Japanese and Chinese and Koreans do not appreciate it when Americans tell them to get over it.

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